Meadowlark Farms

Janie and Lori of Meadowlark Farms in Nampa were wonderful to talk with. They are hardworking, but peaceful farmers.

Between the less than one day old lamb (in the photos below) that was born during the night before, Connie the turkey who settles for hanging out with chickens, and the 2 week old chicks enjoying a jungle of greens within a greenhouse, I didn’t even notice I was working.

With several Idaho agriculture and farm assignments recently falling into my lap, I am finding that each one is more fun than the last. I can’t wait to cut back my work hours and start venturing around the state to work on building this new collection of images that will hopefully spread into many fantastic outlets.

Read Boise Weekly’s Zach Hagadone’s article here.

2010 Restaurant Guide

Yesterday I emailed in some photos from Meadowlark Farm in Nampa for an upcoming Boise Weekly story (I’ll post those photos once that article runs). Boise Weekly’s Art Director, Leila Ramella-Rader, emailed back with such a flattering compliment:

“You should make a book on Idaho farmers. Seriously. Or have a show.”

Thank you Leila! Truth be told, I think she is right….

Oh 2010, I do believe you are going to be filled with many farm adventures for me.

Know a farmer? Or local farm? Please post a comment or send me an email with any tips or leads.

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