Cottonwood Grille

The food at Cottonwood Grille smelled wonderful. Atmosphere was relaxed. Diners were friendly & happy.
Their patio looks superb.  Staff is incredibly nice. Location is prime. I’ve got no complaints.

Looks like all I need is a free evening, $20 & a friend (or a good book).

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Ace Emissions

Emissions? Psh. I am from Canyon County. We don’t have emissions there. I am a proud, proud owner of a licence plate with 2C gloriously blazed upon it.

Okay. Seriously though, I recycle. I buy vintage. I reuse, but I don’t test my emissions. Damn me! I should, but it costs money. For a poor (believe it or not folks, I am in the lowest tax bracket…seriously we’re talking by distances that make a marathon look easy.) I don’t do anything with a pricetag unless it is required or absolutely sheer fun for me (I do support indulging because one never knows how short life may be).

After hearing about how Wilke with the Emissions Testing van below is being bullied out of business by an out-of-state company that is able to charge about half of what they charge…I felt bad. The difference between Wilke’s $20 fee and the out-of-state’s $11 fee is far too small to put local works out of business – in my opinion. Efficiency is fantastic. But, the value of happy, employed locals is equally fantastic. Sometimes the solution is…tough.

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The Boise Weekly Restaurant Guide is out NOW!

Go grab one while you can! It is an awesome guide to some fantastic Idaho restaurants AND the locally sourced items on the menu.

I had an especially fantastic time taking these photos because they took me to farms where I got to breathe in the aroma of a greenhouse full of rosemary, taste mustard greens (or something like that) right off the plant & see bunches of baby goats (kids). These assignments were a very nice change of pace…

Bombay Grill

Looking for a culinary adventure? Three words: Indian lunch buffet.

I’m always left smitten by the Indian cuisine’s ability to flow between sweet, spicy & savory. Plus, naan & basamati rice might be the two best members of the starch family, ever.

I will admit that I’ve never eaten at Bombay Grill. After seeing their lunch buffet, they are at the very tip-top of my list for the next afternoon I find myself REALLY hungry & able to schedule in a nap.

Check out Bombay Grill’s menu and try to avoid salivating…good luck!

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P.S. Raj is hilarious.

Spring? Skip to summer at Sweetwater’s Tropic Zone.

Sweetwater’s Tropic Zone was a bit tricky for me to understand at first. It’s centered on local & Northwest food, yet it is incredibly tropical & vibrant. Not that Idaho isn’t vibrant, but with a backdrop like the foothills in the winter…well, it doesn’t blend in quite as well as it would on palm tree lined, flamingo spotted, blue sparkling Miami horizon. But after eating, the juxtaposition was the last thing on my mind.

I have been here several times–several delicious, excellent, spicy times. Of course, I have tried the deep fried habaneros (yes they are indeed HOT). I’ve taken on the Montserrat Endorphin Rush, a shot of champagne & sugar with a slice of a habanero (to which I would highly recommend making sure you don’t let the pepper get stuck to the roof of your mouth…). However, it is my spontaneous craving for the amazing Curried Avocado & Jasmine Rice Salad that will no doubt steer me back in sooner than later.

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