The Orchard House

The Orchard House has taken the title for the “furthest-away-from-Boise-photo-for-Boise Weekly.” Luckily, it is in my parents’ neck of the woods.

I went on a chilly fall evening. Even with the outdoor seating area completely cleared for the winter, the potential of this quaint patio is obvious.

By the way–when I do get back, I think I’ll order the old-fashioned onion rings and a BLAST (Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado, Sprouts & Tomato). Yum!

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Find: River City Sales | Boise Photographer

You’ve  probably noticed the new look Boise Weekly has been sporting for just over a month.

One of the recent additions is “This Week’s Find” — a quick photo & a blurb about, well, any thing or product you can think of.

This Week’s Find is River City Sales — an store that has, well, any thing or product you can think of….