Happy Easter! | Boise Pet Photographer

A friend of mine, Jenaleigh, had a great idea: bunny photos in honor of Easter. As I am a lover of all things furry, I agreed that this was a swell idea.

So on Tuesday we coerced her bunny, Archie, into a strenuous hour of modeling for the meager reward of a sole carrot.

Without futher ado, let me introduce you to one incredibly adorable bunny…

Happy Easter to everyone!!


Paw Prints Cover for Idaho Humane Society | Boise Pet Photographer

Paw Prints is the Idaho Humane Society‘s quarterly publication. It’s out now — grab a copy and read about Lisa Bufano & Bear’s story.

And, if you have a moment to spare (it literally will not take more than one moment) follow this link and vote for the IHS! Purina is giving away $150k and it is based on OUR votes. I JUST voted and Idaho is in the lead with 28.95%. Vote, vote, vote!

Lisa is an artist and performer — you can view her work on her website: www.lbufano.com