Hildy and Sir Charles | Boise Photographer

Meet Charles. (Aka, Charlie, Char-Char, Char-broil, Charles-In-Charge).

Hildy and Charles are best pals. Hildy and I are best pals. That means, by default, Charles and I are best pals too. Look at him. Who wouldn’t love him?!

In early December Hildy and I (and Charlie) went to Mores Creek Summit to search for our Christmas trees.  Before grabbing a saw I grabbed my camera and we got some fun shots of these two lovin’ it up in the snow. So glad we took the time to take these!

As a side note, we also did find two PERFECTLY imperfect Christmas trees after a long, steep hike. Such a fun afternoon of quiet, snow and sunshine. I hope we can do it again next year with Charlie AND Gus!


Hartman Family | Boise Family Photographer

This fall was very busy; I just realized how few times I shared on my blog. Oops.

I thought I’d start by sharing the Hartman Family session! The Hartman’s were very easy-going, always laughing and fantastic to photograph. We walked around the Idaho Botanical Gardens and Julia Davis Park  seeking out what color was left in November.

These boys are so cute. No words will express their amount of personality and cuteness. Luckily, I have the proof. In photos!

So here’s fondly remembering when the ground was covered with leaves (rather than snow and ice)…

Alexander Family | Boise Photojournalist

The extraordinary Alexander family invited me into their home so I could test out a new approach to my family sessions. So grateful for this session.

I arrived shortly after 7 am.

Joyce had pancakes sizzling. Trevor was barefoot. I poured myself a cup of coffee. Or maybe Trevor did. I was too sleepy to notice.

Their kids, Amelia and Crosby, eyed me suspiciously through their sleepy hazy. Who was this crazy lady in their home before breakfast?!

I’m so happy with how these images turned out that they have inspired me to make this my approach in all portrait sessions.

Pajamas not required. Off the cuff, fun, casual, documentary, YES.

2013 is going to be a year of much excitement and a great deal of change.

Read more about it here in my Twenty-Awesome-Thirteen post.

Dessert with the Hagans Family | Boise Family Photographer

Kids don’t hide their total excitement about food. (Maybe because they’re not mentally counting calories with every bite?)

Silverware is optional. It is sticky, it is messy. Noses…hair…ears..nothing is safe.

I love photographing kids sitting down to a meal or snack. Maybe it’s because I’m used to adults shun me–fork in hand and piercing distrust in their eyes– if I come anywhere near them with my camera? Whatever it is, I just love photographing kids eating.

I suppose you could say that I eat it up….

This was just a portion of my family shoot with the Hagans. Two hours can be a long time to keep kids entertained. What better way to break up the session than with a spontaneous pumpkin roll dessert snack and cider in big-kid mugs?

Expecting Hattie | Boise Photographer

I’m a little behind on blog posting.

How do I know? Because Matt and Morgan are no longer expecting Hattie.

Hattie is here.

Hattie is adorable.

My next blog post will prove it, since it will feature her cute little newborn face!

Without further ado, check out Matt and Morgan and their dogs, Lucy and Sam.