Neckar Coffee (#PourOverPorn)

Instagram is full of #foodporn.

Today I  present a new fetish to you: Pour Over Porn.

Yep. SO much raw, beautiful, pour over coffee you’ll undoubtedly be craving a cup.

These images were shot of the radical dudes of Neckar Coffee (local Boise coffee roasters) at the Saturday Market for an article that ran in the Boise Weekly.

Eat Your Veggies! | Boise Food Photographer

With spring here I am super excited for a summer of fresh vegetables and grilling. So, it seemed appropriate to hit up the new downtown Saturday Farmer’s Market for some fresh, healthy photo subjects. Chives, asparagus, kale rabe, garlic…



Cooooookies | Boise Food Photographer

I just finished a huge overhaul of my website. Hooray! My portfolio is full of all sorts of new, delicious subjects. Check it out here.

If you only have time for a quick blog post let’s skip straight to the dessert — lemon and lime icebox cookies from Whole Foods. YUM.



Andrea’s Terrifying Halloween Cake | Boise Photographer

Andrea is a super fantastic client of mine. When she asked me to photograph her daughter’s Halloween themed birthday party I was stoked. Not only do I love photographing her family, but I am kind of crazy about Halloween…

So on Saturday, I showed up and there is this DISGUSTING, glorious cake.

Can you believe she came up with this idea AND made it looks so dang good/gross? Super impressed with her skills and imagination…

The Taphouse | Boise Photographer

Nick and I met for lunch a couple of weeks ago at the Taphouse and ordered a couple of dishes. Since we were on a lunch break we stayed away from the taps (so responsible!). While sitting on the patio getting some quality people watching in, I witnessed one of my most memorable Boise people-watching moments. Around noon a good looking, fit guy (in young twenties?) got off the bus wearing NOTHING but a thong, shoes and a messenger bag. As he strutted down the sidewalk, people tried to sneak cell phone pics of him. It was an amazing moment. As for the food, our review was split.

Thumbs down: the pulled pork sandwich. Just like Josh mentions in his article, it was soggy and fell apart.

Thumbs up: the bacon and pear bruschetta. Fun flavors paired together with nothing being too overpowering. The bread was crisp but not hard, which is always a bruschetta deal breaker for me. I’d order it again.

Josh Gross’ food review on The Taphouse can be read here.