Bruce Green, Whole Foods | Boise Photographer

Awhile ago I had the pleasure of photographing the Whole Foods Store Team Leader for the Boise branch, Bruce Green. Below are a handful of portraits.

Looking forward to checking out the store when it opens in mid-November. You can check out info on the Boise store here. Oh — and they’re hiring…

All About Games | Boise Photographer

Downtown near the 8th Street escalator you’ll find this little shop — All About Games. Inside is a colorful array of games and puzzles galore. If you’re lucky you’ll get to meet the adorable polo-wearing shop dog.

Here’s a cool little factoid: All About Games does game rental…for CHEAP. So instead of dropping $30 on a game you’ve never played (and then having buyer’s remorse) you can just rent it and try it out for a few bucks. Pretty sweet idea.

Idaho Poster & Letterpress | Boise Photographer

Idaho Poster & Letterpress might be the coolest ‘workshop’ I’ve ever spied. These shots were taken for Boise Weekly awhile back.

I have a creative eye, but not the best control over a pen, or paintbrush, or well, most anything that isn’t a camera. However, I think I would love working with letterpress printing and design.

Planning to sign up for a class this winter. Who’s with me?


Cycling Time Trials | Boise Photographer

On a toasty August evening I watched cyclist after cyclist fly past me as they launched into their Thursday Night Time Trial out in South Boise. These cyclists get together to track their times and training progress by going all out on a 10 mile loop that starts at the corner of Cloverdale and Ten Mile. I don’t know all the details of their efforts, but Sarah does.

Sarah Barber wrote “Kristin Armstrong, A Phenom in Our Midst” for Boise Weekly. Check it out.