Neckar Coffee (#PourOverPorn)

Instagram is full of #foodporn.

Today I  present a new fetish to you: Pour Over Porn.

Yep. SO much raw, beautiful, pour over coffee you’ll undoubtedly be craving a cup.

These images were shot of the radical dudes of Neckar Coffee (local Boise coffee roasters) at the Saturday Market for an article that ran in the Boise Weekly.

Sheila @ Payette Brewing | Boise Photographer

Last week I photographed Sheila at Payette Brewing for a Boise Weekly article (check it out here) on proposed legislation that would lower taxes for breweries and in turn, likely increase production and sales and therefore, wait for it, tax revenue. Magic.

Sheila was awesome. She was even willing to hold a keg over her head at my request. I’d say she looks pretty victorious — let’s hope the bill passes!

Dave Britton, Artist | Boise Weekly

A couple weeks ago, my almost-sister-in-law and I got to share the duties of an article for the Boise Weekly. Christine Ritchie wrote the piece, A Steampunk Sculptor, and I photographed (of course) the artist and some of his incredible inventory of art and miscellaneous parts.

Christine does a fantastic job explaining Britton’s eccentric creations and imagination. To make sense of all the different artistic pieces you see in the images below, you should definitely read Christine’s article before scanning this blog post. Hopefully this will be the first of many collaborations!

And if you like what you see, go visit Britton’s store in Nampa – Rusty Retro Antiques and Collectibles.

Hannah’s Peacock Costume | Boise Photographer

My office is the same building as Three Oaks Academy and Integrative Therapy Clinic. If you are in need of massage, this is quite possibly the very best place you could come in Boise. The therapists and students here are extremely knowledgeable and capable of helping treat a wide array of ailments. One of their focuses is on helping breast cancer patients.

Since Three Oaks is very involved with the fight against breast cancer, they sponsored a piece for Bras For A Cause. Heard of it? If not, google it!

Hannah Sterling imagined and created this intricate peacock “bra” made entirely of real peacock feathers. Not only did it turn out gorgeous as is, but the movement of the costume is beautiful as well. Using loops around the wrists and dowels, the tail feathers can sweep back or be pulled up to fan across the wearer’s shoulders. Quite simply this is an utterly impressive design, especially considering this was Hannah’s first attempt at any sort of costume of this sort. (Um….costume designing might be in her blood…)

To be sure this piece was captured in its original state (before the fashion show), we did a quick morning photo shoot.

Our model, Julie, suggested the home of her boyfriend, which had unfortunately burned down the week before. The contrast of the bright, pretty costume and the dark, ugly house worked really well for our subject of an awful disease and hope for survival.

Leave a little love for Hannah’s handywork…. And if you ever need a fabulous Halloween costume….she just might be your gal…