Framed pet pictures!

I ALWAYS love to see how clients display and share their photos.

Dru sent me this shot of her framed pet portraits from several months ago — so cute!

Claire is the adorable and happy pug. Fred is the handsome tuxedo cat with (of course) the bow tie on.

If you have have photos I’ve taken displayed in your home, please email ( or text me (208-860-9035) a quick photo. I’d love to see and share them!

Richard + Amy’s Wedding Album | Boise Wedding Photographer

I recently designed and ordered Amy and Richard’s wedding album. Here are some shots of how it turned out. Quite beautiful and classic I’d say! Thanks to KISS books for a gorgeous album!


I can feel it in my bones; 2013 is going to be a marvelous year.

The last couple of years have had great moments and all-in-all life has been good. However, for myself and many around me, 2011 and 2012 cyclically got slapped around and scuffed up with all sorts of awfulness.  I’m ready for a year that is peppered with all sorts of awesomeness. And I think 2013 is going to deliver. I can feel it….

In March I’ll become an aunt.

In April Nick will turn 30.

In September I’ll become a wife.

Somewhere in the midst of all those labels I’ll have to come to terms with the idea that I’m actually an adult (….0r maybe I’ll just learn to fake it).


But back to business…

Lots of ideas, planning and changes are whirl-winding around.

The first change of my photo business? Realigning and recalibrating my style. Getting back to what inspires me most — back to finding a clever, amusing, curious photojournalistic view of the world. When I embarked on making photography a career I knew exactly what I wanted–to be a photojournalist for a newspaper. But until newspapers take on the exciting shape they do in the Harry Potter novels, I don’t think that will be a viable career option. Instead, my photo portrait sessions are going to get a whole lot more photojournalistic.

My 2013 family sessions will be a window into your family’s life in 2013. (Check out this session with the Alexander’s to see what I mean.)

There are literally dozens and dozens of fabulous photographers in the Boise area. If you want a gorgeous posed family portrait I am NOT your photographer. If you want pancakes, reading time and silliness, I AM your photographer. Same applies to ALL my other portrait packages — couples, babies, pets.


So cheers to all of you in 2013! Here’s to an exciting, HEALTHY, happy, SAFE, adventurous, FRESH new year!

Andrea’s Terrifying Halloween Cake | Boise Photographer

Andrea is a super fantastic client of mine. When she asked me to photograph her daughter’s Halloween themed birthday party I was stoked. Not only do I love photographing her family, but I am kind of crazy about Halloween…

So on Saturday, I showed up and there is this DISGUSTING, glorious cake.

Can you believe she came up with this idea AND made it looks so dang good/gross? Super impressed with her skills and imagination…